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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Here at Dream Cortex we are busy developing more Flash mini-games for Hello Kitty Online, the forth-coming MMORPG to be released in 2009. Players will have access to several mini-games during their adventure in SanrioTown, and will be able to play against each other or solo. Mini-games are an important part of Hello Kitty’s MMORPG.

Four mini-games are nearly complete and in the testing phase: “Keroppi’s Goal Shootout”, “Purin’s Coffeehouse Challenge”, “Landry’s Laundromat” and “Kurousa’s Circus Challenge”.  The mini-games are a blend of colourful 2D graphics and 3D animation, and all have great background music by composer Greg Chun, who provided the score to the award-winning animated series The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends. Here are a few teaser title screen shots.  Sanrio fans out there: make sure you watch for the release of Hello Kitty Online!

Hello Kitty Online Mini-Games


“The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends” trailer has the most popular video in the “Film & Animation – Hong Kong” category on YouTube Hong Kong. As of November 25, 2008, the clip was ranked number 1 on both “Most Viewed (All Time)” and “Most Favorited (All Time)” in its category.

The clip also came in 4th place for “Most Discussed (All Time)”, 5th place for “Top Rated (All Time)”, and 9th place for “Most Responded (All Time)”.

Hello Kitty YouTube Trailer Stat

Mass AnimationWith funding from Intel and Dell, former Sony Pictures digital chief Yair Landau is launching Mass Animation, a web site on Facebook that allows animators to contribute scenes to five-minute shorts on Facebook. It is the first collaborative, worldwide effort to produce a computer-generated animated short film for theatrical release.

The collaboration, through an unique application built on the Facebook Platform, including a limited duration version of Autodesk Maya, already started on 17th Nov and will run through 30th Jan 2009. Facebook users will be given the opportunities to vote for their favorite animations, starting on 24th Nov. A compelling short could eventually be turned into a full-length movie.

For more details, check out the Mass Animation page at

Silverstar’s Empire Interactive releases Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams for Nintendo DS in US on November 11.

Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams is a fun, exciting and cute mini game based adventure for the Nintendo DS, featuring the hugely popular Hello Kitty characters.

The story finds our heroine, Hello Kitty leaving her home in Sanrio Town to try to make her mark in The Big City.  Kitty moves into a simple apartment downtown adjacent to The Big City.  Although she lives on the bottom floor now, she dreams of the day she can move up to the luxurious penthouse.  Help Hello Kitty explore her new home and find all sorts of people to make friends with!  Perhaps by helping others and working hard, Hello Kitty will finally say Hello to her dream suite in the sky!

Dream Cortex worked closely with Empire Interactive for the 2D game art creation for Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams.  The resulting artworks are lovable, that bring additional excitement and  enjoyment to the players, especially to the Sanrio fans.

Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams is distributed by Atari, Inc. in North America under the terms of an exclusive, multi-year distribution deal between Atari and Empire Interactive.

Visit Empire Interactive’s brand-new North American website for more information about the game, including screenshots and the official game play trailer at

Dream Cortex is now in development for a free-to-play 3D game soon to be available at  The game is based on Unity game engine (, an advanced technology that allows to develop and deploy 3D games supporting by many modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and most Mozilla-based browsers.  Unity is highly optimized with its real-time 3D rendering, which means players with old computer hardware and drivers would still be able to enjoy the 3D game without the compromise of performance and quality.Unity

This very first Unity 3D game for will be featuring with Badtz Maru. Players are required to control Badtz Maru and to catch all the running penguins as quickly as possible.  Challenges and enjoyments enhanced as players advance from stage to stage.

Game release date to be announced.

We are proud to announce the release of The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends DVD in Singapore.  A total of 13 volumns with 52 episodes will be released consecutively from now to December 2008.  Volumn 1 – 4 are now available for sales at retails.  No information yet for online sales but stay close with us for any future updates.

Available in English language and subtitles.

The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends Vol 1-4