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Here at Dream Cortex we are busy developing more Flash mini-games for Hello Kitty Online, the forth-coming MMORPG to be released in 2009. Players will have access to several mini-games during their adventure in SanrioTown, and will be able to play against each other or solo. Mini-games are an important part of Hello Kitty’s MMORPG.

Four mini-games are nearly complete and in the testing phase: “Keroppi’s Goal Shootout”, “Purin’s Coffeehouse Challenge”, “Landry’s Laundromat” and “Kurousa’s Circus Challenge”.  The mini-games are a blend of colourful 2D graphics and 3D animation, and all have great background music by composer Greg Chun, who provided the score to the award-winning animated series The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends. Here are a few teaser title screen shots.  Sanrio fans out there: make sure you watch for the release of Hello Kitty Online!

Hello Kitty Online Mini-Games


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