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A big thank you to our fantastic Dream Cortex artists for creating these six very stylish Valentine’s Day wallpapers.  They are now available for viewing and download on our Flickr page.  So why don’t you change your desktop wallpaper and show to your special one on this Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dream Cortex Valentine's Day Wallpapers


The long due WordPress 2.7 launches today.

WordPress 2.7 represents a huge shift away from earlier versions of WordPress – at least in the dashboard. Most of the changes will be visible to bloggers, but not blog readers.  The changes in the dashboard are huge.  First, the navigation menus have all been moved to the left side of the screen, giving you more room at the top of the page.  The sub-menus are also all collapsible, allowing you to navigate the dashboard without reloading the page as often.


You can customize the dashboard by dragging, dropping, adding, or deleting widgets like the Right Now screen that gives you an overview of your blog stats, or the QuickPress widget that allows you to create a post using a stripped down WYSIWYG editor right from the start page.

WordPress 2.7 also allows you to search and install plugins without leaving the dashboard.  And for the first time, an automatic upgrade tool is included in WordPress so you can upgrade to WordPress 2.7.1 or 2.8 or whatever new versions are on the horizon without having to fire up an FTP client.

Another big focus of this new release was making everything faster.  It loads faster for you to navigate. And nearly every possible task in WordPress now takes fewer clicks than it used to.

For new features list, please visit

Mass AnimationWith funding from Intel and Dell, former Sony Pictures digital chief Yair Landau is launching Mass Animation, a web site on Facebook that allows animators to contribute scenes to five-minute shorts on Facebook. It is the first collaborative, worldwide effort to produce a computer-generated animated short film for theatrical release.

The collaboration, through an unique application built on the Facebook Platform, including a limited duration version of Autodesk Maya, already started on 17th Nov and will run through 30th Jan 2009. Facebook users will be given the opportunities to vote for their favorite animations, starting on 24th Nov. A compelling short could eventually be turned into a full-length movie.

For more details, check out the Mass Animation page at

Dream Cortex is now in development for a free-to-play 3D game soon to be available at  The game is based on Unity game engine (, an advanced technology that allows to develop and deploy 3D games supporting by many modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and most Mozilla-based browsers.  Unity is highly optimized with its real-time 3D rendering, which means players with old computer hardware and drivers would still be able to enjoy the 3D game without the compromise of performance and quality.Unity

This very first Unity 3D game for will be featuring with Badtz Maru. Players are required to control Badtz Maru and to catch all the running penguins as quickly as possible.  Challenges and enjoyments enhanced as players advance from stage to stage.

Game release date to be announced.