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3D Animation
“Infinite artistry and creativity.”

Dream Cortex has the resources and know-how, covering the production gamut from TV commercials to game trailers to full-blown 3D animated features.  The extensive knowledge and experience of the animation team gives Dream Cortex the ability to produce high-impact spots of exceptional quality.

Services range from pre-production to post-production and include storyboarding, script writing, character and environment design, model, rigging, texture, animation, rendering, voice talent, editing and video output.  With a management team well versed in digital entertainment and production, Dream Cortex guarantees deliverables that meet expectations and fall within budget.

With its in-house state-of-the-art rendering farm, Dream Cortex has the capability to produce video output in high definition (1,920 x 1,080).

Dream Cortex welcomes discussions with parties interested in partnership opportunities for animation co-production.

Dream Cortex is the award winner for the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2007 – Best Digital Animation TV Series with The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends.


Game Art Design
“Visual impact beyond your imagination.”

The Dream Cortex game art services are delivered by a team of experienced game artists who are passionate about games, and understand well the challenges faced by game developers, thus the team can design and produce high or low 3D polygon or 2D game arts, that specifically tailored to game performance requirement.  The greatest strength of Dream Cortex is its flexibility.  Game assets can be built according to concepts provided by client, or to create all visuals based on the requirement and themes of a specific game.

Dream Cortex continues to look for ways to develop new techniques and skills in areas such as workflow improvement, production management and quality standards, in order to provide the best quality of service.  Game art services include concept art, design and creation of characters, objects and environment, whether in 3D or 2D.  The versatile game artists and illustrators at Dream Cortex are always ready to take up new challenges.


Web Design
“Design by technology and passion.  Effective visual communication.”

Dream Cortex has been designing web sites since 1998 and has worked with many businesses on conceptualization and production of creative and functional web sites.  Dream Cortex believes that there should be different approaches and strategies for different web site projects, and thus the web design teams always work with open minds in addition to their considerable experience, creative firepower and design artistry.

Dream Cortex enjoys a reputation as a pioneer in web development, having collaborated with Outblaze to create technologically innovative web applications such as web messaging, forums, social networks and web blogs. More than 40 million users worldwide use web sites and services that are designed by Dream Cortex.


“Aesthetically dynamic with engaging user experience.”

The Dream Cortex interactive services merge design excellence with the latest-generation interactive Flash technology, to provide an experience that is immersive and engaging.  Flash is independent of operating system and browser software, which makes it an ideal solution for creating web sites that are media-rich and multi-functional.

Dream Cortex has created hundreds of interactive Flash applications, including user interfaces, streaming animations, casual games and MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games).  The design by Dream Cortex is aesthetically pleasing, dynamic, and high-impact, and immediately adds great value to a web site.

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