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On Wednesday (10th December) we had the pleasure of hosting about 25 visitors to Dream Cortex. This sizable group was part of the 150-strong Dutch delegation to Business Of Design Week 2008. The Dutch delegation are active in multimedia, online, game and animation content in the Netherlands, and the visit was led by Antoinette Hoes (Leylines), Bruni Hofman (Syntens) and Floor van Spaendonck (Virtueel Platform). They were great visitors, friendly and enthusiastic. They were especially interested in our digital media services and particularly in our work for Hello Kitty. Everyone at Dream Cortex was glad to talk and exchange ideas with them.

The group spent an hour at Dream Cortex and then enjoyed a tour of the Cyberport, the IT and digital media hub in Hong Kong where Dream Cortex has its offices. Mark Clift, COO of Cyberport, was our tour guide and showed us around the Cyberport, including the Hong Kong Wireless Development Centre (HKWDC), the Cyberport Visitor Centre (which has a screening room for 360 degrees interactive film), and the Digital Media Centre (DMC), which offers video and autio post-production facilities to tenants and clients.

We received great feedback from the Dutch delegation, and they even told us that it’s been the most informative and inspiring day of their Hong Kong trip. Dream Cortex is definitely looking forward to further dialogue with the Dutch digital media industry, and to creating more business synergies and partnership opportunities between the Netherlands and Hong Kong.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

A warm welcome to the Dutch delegation by Calvin and Alex.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

The delegation were very busy taking photos at our studio.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

Benjamin was making a presentation to the delegation, an overview of what Dream Cortex does, and the Hello Kitty projects including “The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends” and “Hello Kitty Online”.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

Great audience, and they all very interested in the projects that we are working on.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

Though there were many questions by the Dutch delegation, we were very glad to answer and to exchange ideas with them.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

Finished the visit at the Cyberport Digital Media Centre (DMC) with a group photo.


bodw (Business of Design Week) referred to as “one of the most significant annual events on the international design calendar,” bodw, Asia’s leading design event on innovation, design and brand, attracts the best of the global design world to Hong Kong.

bodw 2008 Hong Kong

More than 50,000 participants and over 100 of the world’s most iconic designers, business leaders and educators attend bodw to share their success stories, exchange ideas, and network in an event nobody can afford to miss. The goal of bodw is to encourage businesses to unleash the power of design by focusing on the vital relationship and complex interplay between design and business.

This year’s bodw will take place on 8-13 December at the Hong Kong

Convention and Exhibition Centre. For further information and registration details, please visit