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Check out this new “Kitty Blocks” Flash game that Dream Cortex created for McDonald’s Austria.  The objective is to align at least three similar blocks and to make them disappear from the screen.  The more correct alignment that you could make, the higher score that you could gain.  “Kitty Blocks” is made up of different levels, so see how far you can go!

“Kitty Blocks” is presented to you by McDonald’s Austria and Sanriotown. It is now available on

Hello Kitty Flash Game


Here at Dream Cortex we are busy developing more Flash mini-games for Hello Kitty Online, the forth-coming MMORPG to be released in 2009. Players will have access to several mini-games during their adventure in SanrioTown, and will be able to play against each other or solo. Mini-games are an important part of Hello Kitty’s MMORPG.

Four mini-games are nearly complete and in the testing phase: “Keroppi’s Goal Shootout”, “Purin’s Coffeehouse Challenge”, “Landry’s Laundromat” and “Kurousa’s Circus Challenge”.  The mini-games are a blend of colourful 2D graphics and 3D animation, and all have great background music by composer Greg Chun, who provided the score to the award-winning animated series The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends. Here are a few teaser title screen shots.  Sanrio fans out there: make sure you watch for the release of Hello Kitty Online!

Hello Kitty Online Mini-Games