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Do you enjoy our Hello Kitty Online 2009 trailer on YouTube?  We have put up lots of beautiful screen shots on Flickr so do check out our Flickr page at, add us to your contact list, and feel free to make comments.


Hello Kitty Online 2009 Trailer Screen Shots on Flickr


To all the Hello Kitty fans out there, you must check out this whole new Hello Kitty Online (HKO) game trailer, produced by Dream Cortex.  Don’t forget to leave your comments on YouTube and share it with your friends!

For more details about HKO please visit the official web site at

Great news for fans of Hello Kitty Online from North America!  Sanrio Digital and Aeria Games & Entertainment, an US based online games publisher, announced the launch of Hello Kitty Online in North America. The announcement was made at the 2009 GDC (Game Developer Conference), held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from March 23-27.

For details please check out the official press release here by Sanrio Digital.

Early this month there were also announcements about Hello Kitty Online to be available in Indonesia and Philippines.

Hello Kitty Online ranked 4th place in the MMOsite Reader’s Choice Award for “Most Anticipated Game of 2008”. Thank you so much HKO fans for your votes!

You can find a full list of the awarded game titles here.

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Hello Kitty Online "Happy Hearts"As of February 12, 2009 at 22:00 EST, the Hello Kitty Online “Happy Hearts” Valentine’s event is officially underway!  Founders can now log into the game and embark on a race to save Cupid.

Special Valentine’s Day-Themed Quests
Valentine’s Day under threat!  Cupid is missing and so are the romance and friendship of the season.  It is up to players of Hello Kitty Online to save Valentine’s Day and prevent the collapse of the greeting card industry.  Exclusive items will be awarded to the first players to complete the quest chain.

Starting February 14, SanrioTown members from selected territories can also log in and participate in the “Happy Hearts” event.  “Happy Hearts” will end on February 17, 2009 at exactly 22:00 (10pm) EST.  Hello Kitty Online will then be taken offline for further work.

For details please check out at the official Hello Kitty Online web site.

Hello Kitty Online BoxPigIn case you don’t know, BoxPig is one of the adorable game monsters from Hello Kitty Online, originally designed and created by Dream Cortex.  GM Abby, a blogger on SanrioTown, has created this DIY papercraft BoxPig and she is sharing the printable pattern on her blog.

Simply download the pattern file here, print it out and then follow the instructions as described on this page.  Just take a look at the different versions as made by other Hello Kitty Online fans:


Hello Kitty Online BoxPig Papercraft


So, are you ready to do some craftworks this weekend?

Enjoy this Christmas music video by Hello Kitty and Friends!

As of December 22, 2008 at 23:59 EST, the Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Christmas Reunion has officially ended.  Here’s the Christmas greetings from the Reunion players:

Hello Kitty Founders' Christmas Reunion

Merry Christmas everyone!

To show appreciation for the successful Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Beta, Hello Kitty Online would like to invite all its Founders to an exclusive special event for this holiday season! From December 17 until December 22, 2008, Hello Kitty Online will be having the Founders’ Christmas Reunion, where players can meet up once more before Open Beta to celebrate the last party of the year in Sanrio Land.Hello Kitty Online Founders' Christmas Reunion

The Founders’ Christmas Reunion will feature new quests to save Christmas, newly designed Christmas maps, and the map you have all been waiting for – New York!

Hello Kitty Online will open its doors once more for this special event on December 17, 2008 at exactly 22:00 EST, and will close on December 22, 2008 at 23:29 EST. Watch out the offical Hello Kitty Online Blog for all the latest upates!

On Wednesday (10th December) we had the pleasure of hosting about 25 visitors to Dream Cortex. This sizable group was part of the 150-strong Dutch delegation to Business Of Design Week 2008. The Dutch delegation are active in multimedia, online, game and animation content in the Netherlands, and the visit was led by Antoinette Hoes (Leylines), Bruni Hofman (Syntens) and Floor van Spaendonck (Virtueel Platform). They were great visitors, friendly and enthusiastic. They were especially interested in our digital media services and particularly in our work for Hello Kitty. Everyone at Dream Cortex was glad to talk and exchange ideas with them.

The group spent an hour at Dream Cortex and then enjoyed a tour of the Cyberport, the IT and digital media hub in Hong Kong where Dream Cortex has its offices. Mark Clift, COO of Cyberport, was our tour guide and showed us around the Cyberport, including the Hong Kong Wireless Development Centre (HKWDC), the Cyberport Visitor Centre (which has a screening room for 360 degrees interactive film), and the Digital Media Centre (DMC), which offers video and autio post-production facilities to tenants and clients.

We received great feedback from the Dutch delegation, and they even told us that it’s been the most informative and inspiring day of their Hong Kong trip. Dream Cortex is definitely looking forward to further dialogue with the Dutch digital media industry, and to creating more business synergies and partnership opportunities between the Netherlands and Hong Kong.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

A warm welcome to the Dutch delegation by Calvin and Alex.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

The delegation were very busy taking photos at our studio.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

Benjamin was making a presentation to the delegation, an overview of what Dream Cortex does, and the Hello Kitty projects including “The Adventures of Hello Kitty & Friends” and “Hello Kitty Online”.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

Great audience, and they all very interested in the projects that we are working on.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

Though there were many questions by the Dutch delegation, we were very glad to answer and to exchange ideas with them.


bodw Dutch Delegation visits Dream Cortex

Finished the visit at the Cyberport Digital Media Centre (DMC) with a group photo.