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Check out this new “Kitty Blocks” Flash game that Dream Cortex created for McDonald’s Austria.  The objective is to align at least three similar blocks and to make them disappear from the screen.  The more correct alignment that you could make, the higher score that you could gain.  “Kitty Blocks” is made up of different levels, so see how far you can go!

“Kitty Blocks” is presented to you by McDonald’s Austria and Sanriotown. It is now available on

Hello Kitty Flash Game


Hello Kitty Online BoxPigIn case you don’t know, BoxPig is one of the adorable game monsters from Hello Kitty Online, originally designed and created by Dream Cortex.  GM Abby, a blogger on SanrioTown, has created this DIY papercraft BoxPig and she is sharing the printable pattern on her blog.

Simply download the pattern file here, print it out and then follow the instructions as described on this page.  Just take a look at the different versions as made by other Hello Kitty Online fans:


Hello Kitty Online BoxPig Papercraft


So, are you ready to do some craftworks this weekend?

Dream Cortex is now in development for a free-to-play 3D game soon to be available at  The game is based on Unity game engine (, an advanced technology that allows to develop and deploy 3D games supporting by many modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and most Mozilla-based browsers.  Unity is highly optimized with its real-time 3D rendering, which means players with old computer hardware and drivers would still be able to enjoy the 3D game without the compromise of performance and quality.Unity

This very first Unity 3D game for will be featuring with Badtz Maru. Players are required to control Badtz Maru and to catch all the running penguins as quickly as possible.  Challenges and enjoyments enhanced as players advance from stage to stage.

Game release date to be announced.