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“It’s been my great pleasure to work with Dream Cortex to produce the animated series – The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends.  With the outstanding and colourful 3D computer graphics, great storylines and numerous instances of situational comedy, the Dream Cortex creative team clearly demonstrated their understanding of how to create a good animation series for children that also appeals to young adults.

There were considerable challenges in this production, including the fact that the world-famous Sanrio characters had never before featured in a 3D animated series; Dream Cortex had to deliver an original and innovative production while retaining the Sanrio ethos, and they succeeded brilliantly.

I think the creative talent and great sense of humour at Dream Cortex really contributed to the success of The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends.  Dream Cortex is a team of excellent creators who are always fun to work with and I definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable and resourceful animation co-production partner.”

David Kim
Business Strategic Director
Sanrio Digital (Hong Kong) Limited


“Dream Cortex provided us with top-notch web design services, including creative illustrations, graphic design, layout, and programming. Any design process is difficult to conceive, manage, and execute, but Benjamin and the Dream Cortex team delivered as they said they would, and we are very pleased with the results. In particular, I enjoyed working with Benjamin and found he and his team to be very responsive to all our changes, questions, and demands on their time. We would definitely consider using them in the future for more of our web-design work.”

Robby Yung
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
Redgate Media Group

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